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    Thinking about going with Golden market management.. they are based in Canada... has anyone had any experience with them ? They pretty reputable ??

  2. Do they let americans come over to the north?

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    I think they do yeah... i live in Canada so its oki for me!
  4. GMM is a good company. I know the owner, Goldie. Great guy
  5. a good guy doesnt mean his firm would be good
  6. Robert Gold is a good guy, businessman, and profitable trader. When someone is in the business for an extended period of time, it is for a reason.
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    ok thx guys, feels like im joining a good firm

  8. what kinda commissions, payouts, leverage?
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    Commission rate: $0.0005 per share
    250 per month for software
    70% payout
    and 50k leverage for 5k deposit

    no overnights... but they will once i prove im profitable also they will let me do overnights too at this stage!
  10. expensive....
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