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    Does anyone have an opinion about a Canadian trading firm called Golden Market Management? They allow remote trading and I am trying to hear anyone's thoughts or experiences with them. Robert Gold is the President of the shop.
  2. I work with Golden. My friends where there for a while so i waited to see if all was fine and then I joined. Im a pretty profitable guy but some guys here are just awesome. They had offered to automate a few of my stategies for free as well they gave me free access to and its been very helpful. One other item i liked isthat they are registered to do business and I only found one other Swift that wasnt for me. Hope this helps ,everyone should do their own due dilegence.
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    thx proptrader - it seems to me there are too many shops to pick from and finding ones that are not just there to take your money are hard to find
  4. No problems and it's been 2 years. Great commish rates.

    If you want to discuss further or have any questions, you can pm me.

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    I've been there about 14 months or so. No complaints whatsoever. Very professional and well managed firm.

    if you have any questions feel free to PM...

    - mnx
  6. What is the usual split at GMM?

    I'd like to hear other opinions of GMM?
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    ive never heard of another place charging 250 for sterling..or ANY platform for that matter, but 250 for sterling outside of entitlements, whats the point.
  8. I don't know where you got that information.

    They charge approximately that amount, all inclusive (platform and entitlements).
  9. What do you mean by entitlements?

    Anybody could share split/commission details on GMM?

  10. I use GMMI and i have a number of quant models running. Where GMMI was different from some others firms I contacted is that they have their own server farms to sterling and NOT going through the same lines as sterling other 2000+ traders. I have spoken to many other traders who have daily sterlig issues and we have NO problems what so ever. Some firm’s subsidize
    fee's but in my opinion approx 50 dollars a month more or less is nothing for a system that rarely fails. We are a bunch of blk box traders and some of us are even co-located as nasdaq but none of us would except any latency or down time what so ever. You be the judge but sterling is not the same for all fIrms who use it.
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