Golden Era of Wealth Has Arrived For Investors and Traders

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  1. There is no way, absent an exogenous event of gargantuan proportions (i.e. a major natural calamity or terrorist attack), that we will not see equity markets rise faster and higher over a shorter time frame than they ever have before.

    The state of the American Economy will have an imperceptible influence upon this trend, whether the American Economy is strong or not.

    We have entered a golden era of investment opportunity. We all have unprecedented opportunity to grow enormously wealthy by simply investing in high quality companies whose products or services are truly in demand on a global basis.

    This wealth can be derived either by trading, by investing (longer term), or by a hybrid system.

    My personal favorite 'go to' areas are raw commodities, alternative energy and pollution control technologies, but many, many areas are ripe for unprecedented growth.

    There is hard, accurate data that makes this economic boom a near certainty.

    The entire premise of this opinion dawned on me as I read this month's 'The Economist.'
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    I guess not.
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    "Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. ... The end of the decline of the stock market will probably not be long, only a few more days, at most." -- Dr. Irving Fisher, October 1929 and November 1929
  4. I recalled the same quote while reading the original post.
  5. lmao. Nice handle.

    Guys, it's different this time.

  6. But you ARE going to have major natural disasters and most definitely multiple, horrific terrorist attacks aimed at America both a home and abroad. To say that everything is coming up roses (barring these events) is pure pollyanna. We are going to see exchanges and entire economies destoyed in the next few years. Better have a plan B in place. IMHO.

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    Did a brick hit you in the head while you were reading? :confused:
  8. As long as they keep inflating money supply at a 10% or 12% clip, everything will go up. But when they are forced to stop, look out below.
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    Buy/sell high
    Much of that is true perhaps;
    but mabe should have been posted 3-4 years ago at the start of bull trend, this ones is eXtended, to make along story short:cool:
  10. Murray: :)

    At 14-15x anticipated earnings against 5% rates, this market is hardly tulip mania.

    That's not to say it can't break huge.

    Rates could rise.

    Earnings could collapse.

    The market would then assign an even lower p/e to a crappier earnings trail.

    All of those scenario's involve anticipating conditions. IMO economic analysis yields random returns. So who cares?
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