goldcorp in goldilocks mode

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  1. and get this.... my friend (broker) decides to sell his goldcorp for rimm(today). His excuse was he (the clients) was down last week! I sure wouldnt like to be him when the stock strikes 40! he does get upset when I remind him that he is a perfect example of someone who likes to buy high and sell low. He didnt learn, even with AXR and all of those other picks cramer gave him(which I had valued at 30[guess] when it was 120 or something on a previous thread- it is only 4 dollars away from my target! wtf happened to that co?). I am bar none hands down a top hedge fund manager when compared with this dope( i can even entertain better than him). is it true he worked for goldman? what a joke. I would rather pay $24 for a $50 co. than $220 for a shot (long one) at $280. well.... I guess you do always get 'what' you pay for. does that make sense?
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    This has nothing to do with your friend, but GG has had a huge buyer since the start of the week. Sure everythings going up, but unlike a lot of other stuff, GG and SLW held through the selloff decently. You can see it on L2, and T&S how every low has massive reserve size that won't break and highs with size are being taken out.
  3. This company is weighted nice, the 5 year is solid. I would put my entire money line or half if I was still a broker into this one company, and trade around that core position for years! I like the traders behind it. They are the ones that have kept it lower all of this time. They are reaching their capacity, that one accumulation to 28 broke us out of a mid-long term downtrend. Big time for gold right now. To have your eyes in this place last week and lately says alot about you. good luck!
  4. well now.... how bout that goldcorp? sorry guys, I just had to. I am not really that guy to go patting myself on the back, but damn!! best reconize foo! how did that kid say with the apple? yeehaw apple! goin to da moon! woof woof! what a dope. well congrats to all who snatched up shares. Too bad I dumped them three points ago. NEXT!!!