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  1. What just happened there -- fat finger?!

    All the way to 700 on my chart.
  2. K.C.


    I wonder if they gonna bust those trades.
  3. No idea what happened. It shot up like a rocket in the matter of 30 minutes.
  4. Traded hundreds of contracts there, it won't be busted. Its a commodity melt up today.
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  5. Sure looks like it. But what's got everyone so hot to trot?

    It looks as mcuh like a nasty commodities hedge fund liquidation than anything else...
  6. High inflation and crappy house prices. Way to go Ben!!
  7. S2007S


    something is wrong.....

    Gold going back to new highs!!!
  8. S2007S


    yep, whats the dollar going to be worth in the next 5-10 going to go through the roof in the next decade.
  9. katesdp


    The following trades in ZG have been repriced:

    April 07 - Trades above 6860 are repriced to 6860
    June 07 - Trades above 6923 are repriced to 6923
    August 07 - Trades above 6988 are repriced to 6988
  10. Bull market, thin contract? Look at beans, corn, lead. Giddy up horsey
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