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    Are we in a new bull market for gold ?

    ANy comments?
  2. gold has been going up for a while now..there's nothing new about it.
  3. gold has got some good fundamentals going for it, but the central banks have a vested interest in keeping it down. A rising gold price makes them look bad.
  4. you been reading those ultra-bear websites dotslash?

    tell ya what..they make an interesting case for conspiracy to keep the price of gold low...
  5. For the technicians, gold is at or near a down trend line on a six
    month chart.Interesting to see if it stalls or breaks through.
    The CRB has broken up through a down trend line on a
    monthly chart .
    If this keeps up,bonds could have trouble in the near future.
  6. HGMCY has been a great little stock this year, long and short. That's all I know about gold (and care) as a trader :D