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  1. yabz


    I am going long gold - the trend has reversed and is going up....
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  2. MrMuppet


    Gold down...what about a new nickname: Toptick - Yabz? :D
  3. yabz


    Its gone up 3% from my buying price.

    The trend is confirmed and I'm buying more. Its now my biggest position.
  4. maxinger


    Many experts say if price break 1300, gold price is confirmed uptrend.
    Experts also said 1300 is a psychological barrier / round number
    and if that barrier is broken, price will go up and up and up to the moon.

    However, non expert like us said gold uptrend started in 11 Oct 2018, ie about 4 months ago. Gold has appreciated about 7%.
    No idea how far gold price will go up.
    Soon it will hit the powerful resistance line 1370.
    One thing is certain; Soon it will reverse to go down.

    well. do your own analysis and decide how you want to trade gold.
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  5. yabz


    It spiked up on 26th Jan to 1300 and has continued upwards. This confirms your point about 1300.
  6. MrMuppet


    Wow... one month later?? This is like you tell us that you bought the ES in 2008 and 2015 you're boasting about your position being green...

    In the meantime I bought and sold 3 times already.
  7. yabz


    3% in one month compounded over a year is 43%. I can live with that....
  8. themickey


    Aahhh, finally someone has trading running like clockwork, congrats.
  9. MrMuppet


    well...I guess you make 3% every month. Can't beat that^^
  10. dealmaker


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