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  1. Cutten


    Breakout to new multiyear highs today. Any thoughts?
  2. Yeah. It makes me very happy.
  3. is there a site that have real time gold prices?
  4. gold is still oversold!

    gold = $800.00
    stock market = toilet!
  5. They


  6. Rally on!!
  7. Cutten


    I don't know of any free live feeds - if someone finds one please post it! Kitco is delayed AFAIK.

    Silver is close to a multi-year high too.
  8. Bob111


    personally for me-it mean that current rally in stocks is BS and worse yet to come.
    don't forget to combain it with current VIX levels..
  9. PAAS and SIL having pretty good days.

    above link has some Grant thoughts on Silver.

    (note: for anyone that isn't familure with Grant, he's solidly in the permabear camp and thus pretty much always likes the metals...doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to him though, but you should have an idea where most commentators are comming from.)

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