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  1. Anyone purchasing gold other than gold stocks or futures? Anyone buying gold coins, bars or bullion in case our economy and markets go in the shitter?

    -ooO-(GoldTrade, any thoughts from you?

    Found an interesting website this weekend:
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    In the absence of an answer in the affirmative ... I am long silver
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    Take a look at a 50 year gold chart, through good economies and bad, and think about whether at any point gold would have been a good long-term investment. On an inflation adjusted basis, you would have been much better off keeping pennies in a jar. If gold doubled tomorrow, it would still be the worst investment class of the past 10 years. (Of course, the way my month is going, my having said this will guarantee that we will see a $100 spike this week....)
  4. gold stocks looked toppy today
  5. good points, but I am not talking about gold as an investment or a trade. I am talking about gold as a safety net.
  6. Gold as a "safety net" pretty much means you are tying up money (whatever you paid for the gold) to protect your fear of the collapse of the dollar. Which is a pretty pessimistic attitude.

    Can you give an example of where gold would provide "safety"?

    Of course, in an apocalyptic post nuclear war world (Mad Max), dollars would probably not be worth much. But assuming you survived, what would you "spend" your gold on? And how would you protect it?

    In real life, gold pays no interest. It pays no dividends. And it costs money to store.

    0 for 3.

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    Just as with art, the only good reason to buy gold is that you like it.
  8. Goldmember.

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  9. gold is a trade not an investment.
  10. True. Cost of carry kills.
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