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  1. Look at the daily chart. In the past, GLD pulled back close to ma-50 then bounced back up. RSI is at 47.63 at close, pulled back quickly from overbought to oversold. RSI at this level has been at the bottom in the past.

    Many gold stocks still have gaps above that haven;t been tested/filled such as NEM ABX.

    Traded RIMM AAPL today.

    RIMM needs to break $65.15 to go higher. Forming a W or a channel??
  2. Gold moving up AH again.

    UUP support is $22.35 then a huge gap at $22.15- $22.27
  3. GLD consolidating $at around..$110
  4. And I bought some GLD puts... :)
  5. Been waiting for RIMM. But everything depends on earnings this week.