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    This maybe off topic however, I have a collection of gold coins handed down from my grandfather/father/than to me and since gold is at its highest right now would selling them now, be the most logical and most rewarding thing to do or should i continue to hold them or??? (along with them i was given 4 bars, i do not know the actual weight of the bars or anything for that matter bottom line what i am asking is do i sell now or??? and if so where do i go???)
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    Can't answer whether gold is going higher soon, but you should probably check a numismatic book to see if some of your coins have collector premium. As for the bars, you should be able to sell them at any coin shop.
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    This probably won't help you, but despite anyone says, no one here knows where gold really will be next year, or next decade. But why not get the coins appraised to see if there is any value beyond the actual gold. (i.e. rarity) Why not sell a third of the collection now.. and wait another year and see what happens?
  4. Kitco.
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    very good points thank you for the input... this weekend i was going to do some research on this topic, and hoped that some of the ppl here could point me in the right direction... (which you did thanks again)
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    Unless I was starving and didn't have any money for food...
    Why sell them??? Something handed down from your grandfather/father.....wouldn't you want pass them on to someone in your family???? I would consider them priceless IMHO....
  7. Gold is going to $900 and ounce, don't sell yourself short.

  8. If you want to sell them for spot price let me know. I will be happy to take them off your hands.
  9. The bars are just lumps of metal, but you will be able to get a better price sometime this year, don't sell unless you are desperate.

    The coins you should keep in your family, you will regret it if you don't.
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