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  1. Gold (XAU/USD) Daily Outlook - January 10, 2022

    Gold is trading at the $1,797 level, having bounced off above the $1,788 support level. However, it should be noted that a clear downside break of the $1,788 will be a green signal for the gold bears to aim for $1,776 or $1,761.
    Alternatively, the 200-DMA level surrounding $1,801 guards the quote’s immediate upside ahead of a horizontal area established from late October, surrounding $1,815. However, tops marked during July and September will challenge any further advances around $1,834.

    Should the gold buyers manage to cross the $1,834 hurdle, $1,850 and November’s peak of $1,877 will gain the market’s attention. Good luck!
  2. easymon1


    Where's the Time Axis across the bottom of your chart? What's up with that?
  3. SunTrader


    Got pretty much the same support levels, a little different for resistance. Though all price derived, no squiggly MA's for me.
    ! XAU.png
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  4. easymon1


    Thanks. A chart without a Time axis is like Hillary at 5:00 AM without any clothes.
  5. maxinger


    You need to take trading seriously.

    How can you trade without the x-axis?
    Soon you will be showing the chart with no y axis.

    Since you are the tread creator and you intend to teach others, you are expected to provide quality, useful, sensible information.
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  6. Gold Daily Outlook - January 24, 2021

    On Monday, the precious metal gold is trading at the 1,832 level, with a strong bullish bias. It has violated a significant triple top resistance at 1,829, and is heading towards the next target level of 1,850. On the higher side, the XAU/USD may find the next significant resistance at the 1,865 level.
    The support continues to hold around the 1,829 level on the lower side, and a breakout here could lead gold towards 1,809.
    On the 2-hour chart, the 50 days simple moving average is extending solid support at $1,827. Therefore, the closing of candles above this line supports an uptrend continuation. Consider taking a buy trade over the 1,829 level today. Good luck!
  7. Pezza


    I can see there is a nice area of liquidity still untouched around the 1812 levels where i will be looking for it to fall before a good push to the upside with all the news going on and the stuff with Russia could see gold being held as the safe haven for the short term bullish run from here.
  8. Agreed. I think Fed interest rate decision and the situation in Russia are going to likely decide what gold will be doing. Finely poised.
  9. maxinger


    OK. you have the x axis and y axis.

    you did not look at the big macro fundamental picture.

    over the past 2 trading days, the whole world is focused on
    stock markets / index futures, and bitcoins
    due to inflation/Ukraine news.
    Notice that many index futures and bitcoins are down very massively.

    trading is not just about Technical Outlook only.
    It is not about drawing support/resistance/ trendlines here and there,
    fibo here and there.
    Do not think that by drawing lines here and there,
    the money will fall from the sky.
    Many traders thought that TA is the way to financial freedom.
    You will know this is not true a few decades later.

    gold price hardly moved over the past few days.
    at this moment, the big men are simply not interested in trading gold.
    Then people might reason :
    if there is war, the gold price will go up ?!?!.
    Well. you go figure it out if it is an important question.

    you have a long way to go.
    You have to work very very hard as you have made
    too many mistakes.
    At this moment, it is better that you learn, and not teach.

    GOOD LUCK !!!!
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  10. Kstyles11


    yes we will have to see what happens with the russia situation see if they decide to put the rates up Its going to be bumpy
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