Gold will never go below $1,200 per oz again.

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Will gold every go below $1,200 again?

  1. It will never go below $1,200 again.

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  2. It will go below $1,200 again.

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  1. Agree disagree?
  2. I disagree. It will certainly go below $1200 again.
  3. Wow...6 people say it will go below vs only me that says it will never go below. I wonder how many of you would short gold now though?
  4. the1


    I'm long gold and selling to exit but I wouldn't go short. I do believe it is near a top though. Someone else can pick it :mad:
  5. look ... even if gold goes to 3k 4k 5k in price

    surely there will come a time when it shall fall below 1k

    nothing goes up forever ... look at the events a week ago

    gold dropped $60 in a very short time frame

    as everything in the world was being sold

    except yen and the buck
  6. Gold most certainly will go below $1200.00 per oz. unless it opens up $100.00 tomorrow.
  7. S2007S


    Gold could easily jump to $2500 and then sink back to $750, remember when oil was going to keep rising to $200 and then $300 well it dropped from $147 to around $32, a drop below $1200 is nearly a 99.8% given.
  8. Now it's 15 to 1. Just because we all know it'll go below 1200 again (except yourself, of course) doesn't mean we want to short it at the present moment.
  9. Im bullish on gold right now, but I agree wholly with the above
  10. As soon as this gets far away from the $1,200 mark I should get a few more votes on my side. Maybe when gold hits $1,500 or 1,800.
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