Gold - will it break 2000?

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    Now, that Bubble Ben has declared death to the USD, is it sound to think Gold will break the 2000 barrier?

    Having a hard time investing in companies in an inflated market.

    Apple is sound but other competitors are catching up quickly to the iPhone euphoria and that product alone represents 50% of their earnings, which is just too risky in my eyes. Considering I can't see myself investing in this inflated market, how about gold, what do you guys think ?

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    Gold goes where USD doesnt, the USD goes where the Euro doesnt...

    The ECB will much trouble bailing out Spain. Spain is not Greece and cant be bullied. Spain will not take the conditions imposed by ECB.

    The FED can print next week, the ECB cant...

    More room for EURO sell offs.
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    so you think this EURO rally is totally a dead cat bounce

    thanks for your insight
  5. ============================
    Weeks later;
    its still uptrending.Long term UPtrend, medium, term Uptrend;
    short term could be bearish.Not a prediction

    Trading is not really about prediction;
    its about probabilities,Wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:
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    Their is enough room for Gold to climb ones again and break the record high and set another mark but if it drops from 1500 then its hard to see it at top for next year and so.
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    According to smurf, gold is done.
  8. stocks: thanks but i'll pass
    bonds: thanks but i'll pass
    real estate: thanks but ill pass
    gold: IM IN.
  9. $1900-$2000 by December expiration. Favor $2000
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