Gold will go under 1,000 by...make your pick (started 3-13-2010)

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  1. Gold will go under 1,000 by...make your pick (started 3-13-2010)...

    Let's here your thoughts...could it by be this Friday?...with big FOMC week coming up?
  2. something of note as to a 'bear Gold'...Gold is currently under the 5, 20, 50, 100 and YTD moving averages...a very bearish sign...only MA it is not under is the 200 day MA
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    Good I'll be looking to buy more when it does.
  4. you gotta think a dip below 1000 is close...agree?
  5. 2025
  6. perhaps by the end of this week or before?
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    I don't see it going below 1024, or the last IMF sale 35ish. When it breaks that I will reevaluate. I'm more inclined to see 1296/1300 to 1369

  8. You're a lunatic.
  9. +1
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    lol i have been waiting to use this one

    so here goes

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