Gold vending machines coming to the USA

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  1. This is going to mark the top, when you see these machines out there that pretty much means that gold has hit a top and you will see a rundown back to 300-400 bucks an ounce.

    This is just like the housing bubble and the Dot Com bubble. The lemmings are being lead to the slaughterhouse.
  2. If you think gold is overvalued you should short it.

    For all the flaws gold bulls might have at least they put their money where their mouth is.
  3. don't do it you will be destroyed going against GOLD
  4. I do not trade metals. But I will say this, The lemmings loading up on gold coins right now will not feel so smart when in 5-10 years gold is back to 300-400 bucks and they just bought at another top.

    Gold vending machines, give me a break how does not indicate top getting real close for gold.

    Just like the housing bubble top, the dotcom top etc...

    It seems that Joe Sixpack has excellent skills when it comes to paying the top price for any asset and then selling low at the bottom.
  5. At $1,300/oz, its probably worth it to back up a trailer and just steal the whole fucking machine ...
  6. The situation is pretty much chaotic. There are dynamics that support a further gold rally: rising debt, instability, possible wars, euro problems.

    There are other dynamics that support a gold collapse: central bank distribution of over 40%, persisting deflation pressures and no signs of inflation, falling industrial demand.

    It can go either way. The situation is not clear and nothing has been resolved yet.
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    When you see cash machines, that means there is a top for the dollar! What do ya know , I've been right since the first ATM hit the street.
  8. Silver to Go would be an even better idea for the average Joe in the US. Just stick one next to every Red Box.
  9. I bet the markup is gonna be like 20% over spot.

    Like what Goldline and all those TV and radio ad sellers of gold have been doing.

    Spreads are 20-30% to buy and then to sell back to them.