GOLD!!! UP or Down?? The top of gold mania??

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  1. That's not much like a parabolic blowoff move yet - looks more like the setup for one.

    Take a look at nasdaq 1999-2000, or gold/silver 1978-1980 - that's a blowoff top.
  2. large retracement close.

    everyone expectig 2000.

    down to 700 would be nice.
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    In real or nominal dollars?
  4. I dont have a bet in. However, gold longs are eager as gold stocks not progressing as one would hope. large long bets in stocks going in as we speak. I meant 700 todays usd.
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    nice doesn't happen in markets. remember this.
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    Very likely we'll see 700 real once a credible U.S. deficit reduction scheme is in place -- a stringent austerity plan that does not hamper the economy, send unemployment rocketing, provoke general social unrest -- as well as eurozone harmony, consensus on sovereign debt rescue, etc.

    Until then, however, I'd say you're wise not to have a bet in.
  7. Equities are looking attractive. A move up in that market will put the damper on gold. I don't think gold will crash, it'll just stop going up.
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