Gold Triple Top Price Collapse Soon!!

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  1. If it doesnt get above 842, then whammM!!!!

    Six questions:

    Is the ten year yield going higher or lower? I say higher

    Is the dollar moving higher or lower? I say higher

    Is oil at a triple top? YES

    Is gold at a triple top? YES

    Has the $XAU formed a rounded top? YES

    Is the $GTX struggling to get over its 2006 highs? YES

    Im short right now gold and believe the time has come to throw it on the table!! What says you ETers? The ones who run to buy goldcoins when gold has topped...the ones who run out to buy euros when the dollar has bottomed? Speak up! What says you...
  2. LOL No shit kid, short term your right.
    I generally try and ignore pretentious little assholes that state the obvious then toss out a blanket insult. Tonight will be no exception.
  3. Watch out..might get a blowoff top with real high volume or a good "wash-n-rinse" first, then Gold will be a safe pullback play for the shorts.
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    Nice post.
  5. +1

    Smart Money is waiting to add to long positions on any correction. This means that the respondent above might be correct and we could get a nice push to new highs before a leg down. If this happens the OP will get stopped out at the highs... which is as it should be.
  6. Gold is currently over 842
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    Maybe he is talking spot.
  8. More like shit:D
  9. :)

    futs +4.10
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    And loving every minute of it ;)
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