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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Gold Trader, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. gold is weakening.

    sell gold @ 632.2 (spot), (gold futures price has to be adjusted)
    stop: 637

    good luck
    gold trader
  2. ddlee


    I politely disagree. I am long gold stock options (jan calls) and gold stock itself.

    Once the dollar breaks down (end of 06) gold will really take off to the upside much higher than the may highs
  3. yes, it is also possible that gold would be going up.

    but different people trade different timeframes. it might be going up in 1~2 months. but if you trade hourly or a few days timeframe, it would hurt the traders when gold is going down .i.e. $10 in one day or a few days.

  4. the gold silver ratio came in today

    silver is back over $12 while gold was lower on the day

    perhaps this is positive for gold .... meaning if silver rallies
    later this week it could drag gold higher
  5. Here is the december 06 cbot gold contract. The daily parabolic stop and reverse signal was very profitable over the last three trades on a daily basis. I notice the current sar buy signal fired around $660.00. The contract is now under water by $23.00, Ouch. The ADX as a filter reads only 12.50 and is in a non trending mode. We may have peace in the middle east, and more bearish oil in the short term. The contract seems to correlate more to oil than the euro lately, or I've been watching the screens too long. I would want to see a rally to $650, otherwise maybe gold tests $600.00 again.
  6. in my chart, all the indicators are showing to short. the price is also confirming the direction of signal.

    the indicators could be right or wrong. however, when we see some signals, we have to take some actions, regardless of what we are thinking.

    market has proved that most of our thoughts are not right most of the times. so it will be more profitable when we trade what we see not what we think.

    good luck

  7. Good call on gold down $15.00 today. Will we see $600.00 again maybe sooner than later. Here is a chart with uso (oil etf) and gld. Seem to be correlated at the moment.
  8. technically, it has been signalling for days to fall. but bulls are just resisting.

    i hope there are more room to fall. but before another fall, it could retrace a little bit i think.

    most of the people are wrong at the market top and bottom. in the middle most of the people are right.

    so, we have to be careful when it is approaching the bottom.

    when/where is the bottom? we just don't know. just keep on watching the market.

    good luck

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