Gold traded at two different exchanges

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by traderguy02, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. I was wondering since gold is traded at two different exchanges if one exchange tends to lead the other in price or do they generally hang pretty tight. Anybody a day-trader of gold that would care to share their experiences?
  2. actually gold is traded at quite a few different places ...

    in the middle east , europe , USA , Asia

  3. well..i'm refering to the well known domestic futures traded on exchanges
  4. then you must mean COMEX and CBOT

    just watch out for the "fast market"
    market only order nonsense in the pits
    when placing orders
    and the fat finger slippage nonsense
    on the screens which sometimes occurs

    oh ... they hang pretty tight ... as there are people
    out there who are making a living keeping the
    metals in line

  5. oops ... you know what ... gold is actually traded

    on more exchanges in the US ...

    ETF's are trading in equities that
    track the gold price pretty good
    heck they might even lead the gold futures
    price sometimes
  6. Tocom, Dubai, NY, CBOT, Frankfurt, London, someplace in China....

    it used to be that you could arb. the CBOT mini if someone was asleep with a limit order and not watching the Comex on Sunday nite....

    them days is over...........