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    Dear all,

    Anyone trading gold these days? Are you bullish or bearish? Please post your comments here! Thanks!

    Good trading
  2. Beyond bullish. African Cape water buffalo-ish. Silver, too. And the lead in bullets. But you want to make sure you keep your lead in physicals. Kinda useless, otherwise.
  3. Everyone starts talking about buying gold after it has surged in price and is ripe for a pull-back. That is when the sheeple buy and get slaughtered.

    I have gotten a lot fewer e-mails lately about buying gold because it has been going down in price for the last month. That is a usually a good sign that it is time to buy.

    Technically, gold is now oversold at the bottom of its long-term trendline and the commitment of traders commercial index indicates that the commercial gold traders (smart money) got relatively long last week. Notice that every time the above pattern occurred (price at the lower trend line, stochastics oversold on a weekly chart and the COT commercial index > 90), gold has risen in price.

    My only concern is that gold tends to go down seasonally until the end of August before it begins its yearly rise. However, the problem with seasonals is that everyone tries to get in early. I have gotten several e-mails about how gold goes up in the fall, so this common knowledge may be causing traders to jump the gun this year.
  4. I think it is going to somewhere between 3K to 7k the next decade with the broad majority of miners rising at least 500% to 2000% simultaneously.

    The reason for the rise will sterm from both monetary and economic reality as investor demand which will create a double wammy catapulting the metal and its side products to the highs mentioned before ending with a blast off comparable to the tech peak in the late 90's and previous bubbles in history.
  5. Miyagi very bullish on gold today,
    Miyagi think buy gold right now
    Miyagi see long term trendline & will be respected...
    buy now at 1185 and say goodbye to 1180's for the last time this decade.:D

    Now Miyagi have some dinner
  6. Lao Tzu

    Lao Tzu

    "Old Man" also bullish on gold.

    But not just today.

    Every day.

    Old man have theory.

    Gold retrace USD 75, then recover.

    Miyagi like physicals, futures, ETF's, miners?
  7. You can bet that this is the one time in history where the masses beat the contrarian :p or you can short gold.
  8. Lao Tzu

    Lao Tzu

    Third World woman, as in Newnited Estates, insist on adorn self with gold. Third World man must buy if he want Third World pussy. Gold go down when pussy go out of style.
  9. Thanks Lao Tzu, I will add that wisdom to my fundamental analysis...:p
  10. Lao Tzu

    Lao Tzu

    You like? I tell more. Buy sliver. Once gold price twenty time sliver. Now is three score and five time. Come Apokklelapse, you expect whore make change your gold coin? Especially if cheap whore? No! She want sliver coin! Gold become too deer, sliver price go up. I sell you some?
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