gold top $1138 or $1300

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  1. i figure everything runs to february 2010 - time enough for $1300 ? but

    i'm suspicious the 08 - current formation isn't a reversed H&S, as well the 2008-9
    rally could be B of an ABC Correction, so both formations suggest sooner than later
    lower prices. to 'look good' - proportional the chart has to see the price continue to $1300+
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  2. 1) Elliott Wave! Neat-o!
    2) I was actually expecting you to say ~$1597, because that is a fibonacci number from the "sequence", i.e. (0,1,1,2,3...610,987,1597). :cool:
  3. hey nazzdack, well no and yes

    i think gold does do the fibo numbers but x 10 (or is that to the power of 10 ?)
    so 3 becomes 30 300 3000 and 13 becomes 130 1300, tho not perfectly priced
    on the chart you see after the H of $873 in 1979 the price dropped to $300 in 82
    rallied to 500 drop to 300 then 500 then eventually to $250 which blows my theory
    however if you draw a fibo from the 76 L to the 80 H — well hell here's what i mean - chart
    you can see how the price hits and moves between the fibo levels and why it stops
    at the L of $253.20 - right on the 76.4

    i believe gold is a 'universal', that is something everyone in the world knows, an
    abstract so 'resonates' to the fibos, likewise crude oil - 34 55 89 144 then 34 and
    on its way to 89 again, but those are the only 2 i know of i can describe as such
    tho many financial instruments do appear to react/interact with fibo numbers and
    also the Lucas numbers
  4. Don't be surprised when you see gold start gapping down.

    :eek: :D
  5. I have gold hitting 1250 by end of November on my charts. Inflation adjusted all time high for gold is near $2500 an ounce. Plenty of upside left. The run is still in its infancy.

  6. A short?
    I don't think so.
  7. If you are looking for W5 top then the pattern is not yet complete. Now a Wb will stop around here. Given the one way sentiment, I am looking for a turn in the $, gold and stocks. Not a popular view, but that is mine.
  8. was today the "blowoff top" for gold ?

    or if not ... did it perhaps mark the high for 2009 ?

    if so how far could we go down heading into 2010?
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