Gold to $1000?

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  1. Done deal? A week, a month, a year? What say all ye curmudgeons and forecasters?
  2. It WILL go to $1000.

    For one thing, economic slowdown/recession worries hurt stocks, rate cuts/inflation hurt bonds, so what's left to invest? Only commodities/metals?

    However it may well take a year to get there.
  3. I'm getting a little nervous, because so many people aer starting to talk about it...a month or so back when it really started taking off....not many people mentioned it..but now it's a big topic...

    Yeah I think it might could still hit $1000.....but who knows...I'll trade it like I see it..I'm only in for a couple days or so at a I am sure I'll hit it up or down no matter where it meanders to.

  4. Once the stock markets starts going up overbought gold stocks and gold will start dropping. There is no flight to security. None anywhere if you look. Nothing is safe from the ravages of market movements.
  5. Is gold at an all time high taking in inflation of all
  6. seems like the banks are raising their projections in recent

    days or weeks for gold

    the london bullion bullion market assoc.
    sent out a news release friday saying its annual survey
    projected an annual spot gold price of $862.00 USD

    and that a little over half of their survey participants said spot gold would trade above $1000 sometime this yr

    ( heck thats only 12 % higher than fridays close at these levels )

  7. What's the symbol for gold (or gold futures) in eSignal?

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  8. sumosam


    Not sure, but try GC....when the market tanks, gold shares will go with it.
  9. Thanks, yes, GC #F worked.
    I knew CL #F was crude futures, so I tried GC #F for gold and it worked. Thanks!

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