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  1. looking at this chart do you think that it is a good time to buy gold. not because the of the price but because of what it signifies. if gold is expensive it is because people expect inflation. if that threat is real then gold might be worth its price in gold even at the moment. also there is a slight fall at the moment is this the end or will it rise further.
  2. just FYI if you are buying the stock GOLD , its not the same as actually trying to trade Gold itself. The symbol for that would be GLD.

    GOLD (the symbol) is Randgold Resources Limited.

    If GOLD (the stock) comes down to 57's we'd be a buyer there.
  3. thank you for pointing that out. a bit embarrassing for me but what the hey.

    i think silver might be a good buy at the moment according to the threads here.
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    I think the best time to buy gold will be when it breaks convincingly above the all-time high.
  5. Gold is ready to plunge. Maybe $300/oz in 2 years from now.
  6. there is really not such a thing as "a good time to buy". The market has set the value of gold. That is what it is NOW. calling for it to go down or up is likely a 50:50 chance. Those who are right crow, but they only guessed. In other words, the market is almost always right.
  7. Pretty bold prediction. Any rationale?
  8. i agree gold is high due to the fear of currency devaluation so it will stay high as long as that fear stays.
  9. gold will climb, drop, or stay where it is. Everything else is guesswork.
  10. good prediction:D considering those are the only three possibilities.
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