Gold System vs. Fiat Money

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Which system below is better to provide economic wealth and prosperity???


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  2. GOLD

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  5. GOLD-FIAT MONEY "A combination of both)

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  6. OTHER

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  1. achilles28


    You got it.

    But like I told the OP earlier, such a system will always be corruptible and Bankers will find a way to rig the money supply.

    A constitutional amendment? Don't think so.

    There would never be enough voters in the Country who could understand its necessity.

    Further, if it passed, Wallstreet would find a way to corrupt the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to cook fake numbers (they do it already on their own accord) to ramp booms and busts.

    Like Gnome said, the problem is not an economic one. But a human one. Human nature to be precise.

    So whats the best system?

    Commodity-backed, I think. Its the only currency that cant conjured.
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  2. International banking is older than industrialization. The U.S. broke free from the Bank of England, but eventually it was incorporated back into the empire. The term "slow process," while accurate, seems insufficiently explicit. There seems to be a common misconception that a growing economy or technological progress or a complex financial system necessitates fractional reserve banking or "naturally" brings with it inflation. The simple truth is, there is a scam, the greatest one known to (some) men, perpetrated by certain families in order to control the world. It is called fractional reserve banking. It exists for one reason only: because those families want it to, so that they may have power over the rest of humanity. Its consequences are inflation, excessive taxes, excessive wars. Technically "fiat currencies" are also simply a consequence of the same scam: First you create paper that represents gold, then you create 10 times more paper than you can actually pay out in gold, then you keep the paper and change the word "certificate" to "note." Most people can't read or write anyway, so at that point, it makes no difference to them.
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  3. or they could have a group of monkey's throwing darts to pick interest rates. compared to the current monkeys at the fed this could be a better solution.

    on a serious note, the fed should be concerned with controlling money supply growth and risk spreads.
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