Gold Stripped From US Relay Team

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    Gold Stripped From 2000 US Relay Team
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    BEIJING (August 2) - The International Olympic Committee stripped gold medals Saturday from the U.S. men's 1,600-meter relay team that competed at the 2000 Olympics in the aftermath of Antonio Pettigrew's admission that he was doping at the time.
    The IOC executive board disqualified the entire team, the fourth gold and sixth overall medal stripped from that U.S. track contingent in the past eight months for doping.
    More Trouble for US Track
    Antonio Pettigrew, Alvin and Calvin Harrison, Michael JohnsonThomas Kienzle, AP

    The gold medal-winning 1600-meter relay team from the 2000 Sydney Olympics was stripped of its title by the International Olympic Committee after member Antonio Pettigrew, left, admitted he was doping at the time. It's just the latest blow to U.S. track and field heading into the Beijing Games.
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    Three gold and two bronze were previously removed after Marion Jones confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs.
    Saturday's decision was almost a formality after Pettigrew gave up his gold medal in June. He admitted in court in May that he used EPO and human growth hormone from 1997 to 2003.
    Five of Pettigrew's teammates also lose their medals: Michael Johnson and twins Alvin and Calvin Harrison ran in the final; Jerome Young and Angelo Taylor ran in the preliminaries.
    It was Johnson's fifth gold medal of his stellar career. He has already said he was giving it back because he felt "cheated, betrayed and let down" by Pettigrew's testimony. Johnson still holds world records in the 200 and 400 meters.
    Three of the four runners from the relay final have been tainted by drugs.
  2. Is it possible that Michael Phelps's gold medals get stripped 8 years later?

  3. I believe this is very unfair. How do we know the other countries weren't cheating as well? Probably they were. These guys passed all the tests. They should keep the medals.

    Are we going back and stripping swimming medals from the former East German women? Everybody knew they were doping. Where does it end?
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