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  1. If gold should rise to the $800-$900 range, I take it gold stocks will rise also but is there a favorite gold stock that seems to out-perform the other ones when gold rises?

    What's your favorite gold stock?
  2. Persdawg


    gss has been killing it
  3. I'm short 1000 shares NEM:NYSE and long NEM:AX 10000 @ $5.17

    Newmont is fun to play around with. Calls and puts are even more exciting.
  4. I don't think I'd take Alex's advice on any gold stock trades after his calls last year.
  5. That is looking pretty good.
  6. I'm thinking of buying a gold stock or two but I don't see on Yahoo Finance where I can follow the price of gold along with a chart of gold.

    Can someone give me a link please?
  7. Gold Futures! xD
  8. is what I check
  9. Thanks!
  10. NXG is the one I have the most exposure with. I like the Canadian miners. This one has value and at the right time, it will go on another big run and outperform the sector.

    I've been long from 3.10-3.12, I'm looking for at least 50% profit on this, really 100%+

    AUY and HMY are some other companies I was following.
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