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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Nordic, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Is this the time to buy. I'm thinking of adding some gold stocks to my IRA. I have never invested in gold or gold mining companies before. Any Gold experts out there.

  2. What do you expect though? Somebody to give you the green light "Yes go ahead buy".

    Look at the $XAU chart. They already had quite a nice run. Are you a momentum trader in your IRA? Or are you simply looking for inflation protection? Explain your motivation for considering adding gold stocks to your IRA other than the fact that gold stocks had quite a run the last couple weeks.
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    Actually I trade stocks and options with a prop ( JBO ) firm. I have never really followed gold at all. My IRA is pretty much long term investment. I have enough risk to manage on my daily statements. I guess I meant to ask should I buy gold stocks or krugerrands. I'm no chart reader but yes your correct on the run of late.
  4. Long term they're a good buy, since you get leverage to the gold price. Given their major volatility, I expect that if they can break 400 on the HUI, 600 is a reasonable next target for a pause, and that would be a nice 50% move, on average.
    Of course, the downside in these guys can be pretty rough too. Right now I think the upside is more likely over the longer term, but these guys can give you heart attacks, as today's small nuclear device, planted by NEM's management, shows.
  5. BHP Billiton are one to look at they may have just found the largest deposit ever known.

    Do your own research though
  6. The BHP deposit was just more bullshit it turns out....