Gold Spike - ZOG6 - 26th/12/06 open

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by ukxgerard, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Anyone know if the spike in eCBOT Gold (CQG ticker ZOG7) is real? At 6:15 AM CST, the market opened at 627.6 and traded up to 632.8. However, there wasn't any reaction on the COMEX/GBX equivalent contract (GCEG7).

    Is it real or a bad tick?


  2. depending on where the market was in the ECBOT YG ( mini - gold )

    and comex GC gold ... those high prints might stand

    perhaps they would be price adjusted ... the problem

    also seemed to occur in ZI ( cbot ) and perhaps YI ( cbot ) in that time frame

    when compared to SI ( comex )

    which was the time of day when the cbot metals complex

    reopened after the holidays

    hope you did not suffer too much slippage if you were involved in this ... good luck in the future
  3. Yes, you're right - similar behaviour in the mini Gold (YG).

    Silver on GBX & CBOT didn't seem affected by the move. I wasn't involved however - just noticed that prices seemed to be "off".

    Good arb opportunity of you could get some off!