Gold/Silver Spread Trade

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  1. Was thinking of putting on Gold/Silver spread. 33.3 ounce gold emini against a 1000 oz silver e mini. The trade seems to be good in that silver either tanks off if recession fears grow cause of its more industrial use and they continue to buy up gold due to fear. Or Gold comes off with silver and I am protected with the Silver short. Looking at the charts last week or 2 has shown a lot. Gold rocking, Silver unable to hold $40. Any thoughts?
  2. put that on 3 weeks ago. made 10%.
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    What of the case that silver goes up and gold goes down? As Lord Keynes famously wrote, "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."
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    Or gold ,GLD simply takes a nice correction on unusual 7 weeks straight upTREND ;
    or silver goes sideways slop, on below average volume .
    No wonder silver sold off hard near 50 USD, but fewer buyers are still interested, low volume buyers:D

    Not predicting gold ,GLD closes up this week;
    thats simply what candlecharts read as of 8-17-2011,close.
  5. The step that you are going to take is really a crucial thing for the investment of your money. I had my investment in Gold emini and I am also interested to put my money in silver emini. My father thought the gold will be having a great future when compared with silver in coming years and he was interested in silver. Could anyone found that the silver emini as the best option?
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    Long term trends are up for both;
    silver usually is more of a roller coaster. Wisdom is profitable to direct:cool: