Gold & Silver sell-off tomorrow? Expiration Friday? Into Weekend?

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  1. Gold & Silver sell-off tomorrow? Expiration Friday? Into Weekend?
  2. wow, you were actually right...

    What was your reasoning?
  3. besides the fact that Morgan always sells on Non Farm Payrolls, Expiration, and contract rollovers. Everyone here in London who trades Silver knows when selling pressure comes from silver this by far is the most rigged market and most profitable for those who know
  4. Interesting!

    Are you sure? Or it's just rumor?

    "always sells on (1)Non Farm Payrolls, (2) Expiration, and (3) contract rollovers"???

    You are talking about gold or silver or both?

    And when does the selling pressure come?
  5. Check out The Bank Participation Reports and look at their concentrated Positions during the major moves over the last two years they build up before they drop it like a rock ill PM you and show you exact times they push it down based on the dates like I mentioned and it has been spot on for the last year

    Oh and by the way silver is a range play the ceiling is around 19.89 to around 17.20 Morgan for right now will not allow silver to go above that level because their acting as an agent for the Fed and their still the majority player in that market so their interest is HUGE!!! in fixing the price. And I know every strategy works until It doesn't but for the last year and in late 08'when it drops like a stone i always sell a couple days before the key dates or when their concentration gets increased and were near the ceiling