Gold/Silver, Platinum/Palladium

Discussion in 'Trading' started by glenviewcap, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Gold/silver ratio at low 40s, platinum/palladium ratio approaching new lows.

    given the economic uncertainty and the softening chinese economy, industrial/automotive use of silver/palladium should moderate.

    why still are palladium/silver outperforming their counterparts.

    looking to long GLD short SLV, long PPLT short PALL
  2. When Obama was about to be elected, if my memory does not fail me, GLD/SLV ratio was around 8. Could you give a range of GLD/SLV (the largest, the best)? What are your reasons for long view on GLD/SLV?
  3. not sure about platinum vs palladium, the relative performance is very similar to that of gold vs silver, maybe similar drivers ? (i dont know whats driving the crazy silver outperformance though)

    i took a look at platinum etf (PPLT) and palladium (PALL, SWC). the bidasks are too wide, liquidity too thin, i would stick to silver and gold for now.
  4. I think I'd be the other way around on that trade. Actually best bet would be long palladium/silver/platinum short gold imo.
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