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  1. turbobili


    Hi, I am Italian and I congratulate me for the high-level of your forum, I have been following you for some time and I would like to set a question.
    Are there some products that faithfully reply the course of the price of the gold and the price of the silver? With the respective options.
    I in advance thank who will answer me.
    You excuse my bad English.
  2. The closest thing are GLD and SLV which are ETF's for the metal
  3. sugar


    what about to trade with options on ECBOT futures contracts?
  4. There are Gold and Silver options traded on the eCBOT under the symbols ZG and ZI. The bid/ask is somewhat wide for ZG but its tradable if one can wait for over $10 moves, but ZI is so illiquid that it can only be used for very long-term trades at this time.