Gold Silver mini's volume

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  1. Hi does anyone trade these gold silver mini's regularly? If so is the low volume not a problem?

    For the mini silver e.g. I see only volumes of 500-1000 for the may contract, is this correct?

    If this is the case I won't bother looking into to trading them at all.

  2. liquidity sucks in these
  3. I suggest you look at the big contracts. I agree that the liquidity is poor in the minis. Seems like you have to trade small (or trade options) until you have a bigger account to work with. Best Regards, Steve46

    P.S. It is entirely possible to trade options on Gold for instance. I did that myself for a while and made money (spreads, volatility plays, straddles, etc). helps if you have a good options broker. I used Man Financial back a few years ago. Hope this helps.
  4. have been great ... so even if you are only trading a few minis

    you can do ok if on the money in your trades ...

    I prefer mini gold for liquidity is better

    warning ... do not use stops outside of market hours

    if possible use a mental hard stop

    good luck
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    There are also designated market makers for the CBOT gold eminis, so the volume figures are deceptive. You can get free real-time quotes with bid & ask for these contracts, and if you watch them, the spread is usually as tight as the Comex large contracts, at least for volumes up to about 50X50.