Gold, silver and precious metal miners : STRONG BUY, why?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Chris Mac, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    All my charts scream one thing : BUY gold/silver and precious metal stocks.
    But why now ? What could be the rationale or catalyst ?
    Fall of bitcoin?
    Fall of the dollar ?
    Hyper inflation (really?)

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  2. just21


    The person at the Fed who sells 4000 futures at market is still on holiday.
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  3. truetype


    If you're a chartist, why do you care about "rationale or catalyst"?
  4. Jones75


    No doubt, inflation is coming, and China is starting to load up on gold again.
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  5. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    Ok, few people care about gold stocks. Maybe that is why it's up +4% today, and is in an uptrend... Elite traders? Tsss.... Seriously. Too many followers / noobs here.

  6. If you vote Republican, always expect a weaker dollar. These people always create Yuge deficits.
    It doesn't help when the Treasury Secretary is out at Davos cheering for a weaker dollar.
  7. vanzandt


    fwiw Chris... I took your post very seriously and put GLD and IAU in my main watchlist window. It was a great call. Very timely.
    No position here, but that move from $126 to $129 made the $127 calls a four bagger for anyone who listened. .
  8. You should go all in vanzandt and will be rich fast. -- and then, you will, an Elite Trader~, :confused:

    Legend. accomplish the impossible dream...going nearly all-in and compounding to the Moon, and then retiring and taking a photo of yourself on a yacht on a tropical beach...just like Louis Winthorpe III,
    Happy music playing in the end credits of your Success Story,

    Have enough money to order both the lobster and the cracked crab,...Extra Primo Good.
    A Scarlet Macaw parrot represents the good life, not a cloudy pitbull.
    Pekelo, quit spending too much time reading Reddit trader stories. That website is amateur hour.
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  9. vanzandt


    I already am....
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  10. themickey


    Gold has in the past sucked many 'traders' into the vortex and converted them into long term investors (bag holders)
    They have been pummeled into significant losses, so now they want out (capitulation)
    It is when the masses give up, that is when there is a move.
    Put it another way, view everything upside down, logic works best when viewed backwards when it comes to trading, because if everything were logical, we would collectively be each a millionaire.
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