Gold set to collapse?

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  1. If the COMEX default doesn't occur (and it probably won't), wouldn't that setup a great short for gold/silver here?
  2. Don't fight the tape.
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  4. So you are discounting the risk of hyperinflation in the US? We may be witnessing the effective demise of fiat currencies.
  5. Gold bugs love to talk about the demise of the fiat currency. They failed to realize that in the modern world, fiat currency is not tied to any commodity but to economic and military might. US is still the largest economy and military superpower in the world. Hyperinflation only happens to nations that lost their military and then their economic power, neither of which can happen to the US as long as the US can still be the destroyer of worlds.
  6. You should look up the fall of the Roman empire. It's very very similiar to USA's current situation.

    I only hope Gold falls as central banks try to flood the physical supply. Would love to buy up more.
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    Yeah, Rome had a massive arsenal of thermonuclear weapons similar to the USA. Let me know when the Visigoths arrive, I want to party with them!
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    Oh yeah! It's different this time. We've heard that one before...
  9. What is your point?

    The dollar will be strong because of war? USA will just start setting off nukes as nations start rejecting the dollar?

    Can you make a more idiotic argument? Consult with stock_tr3der and get back to me.
  10. There are only three possible outcomes of the fiscal mess we are in: more foreign ownership of America, default, or hyperinflation (de facto mdefault). I am betting on inflation. It's the time-honored method for eliminating fiat currency debt.
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