Gold Repatriation

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  1. Central Banks may *never* repatriate their citizens gold reserves.

    What central bankers choose to ignore:


    " the Bundesbank asked to have some portion of its gold sitting -

    supposedly - in the NY Fed vault in NYC
    sent back Germany.
    The TOTAL amount is 1800 tonnes.
    After behind the scenes negotiations,
    the Fed agreed to ship 300 tonnes back
    over seven years.
    To this day, the time required for that shipment
    has never been explained."

    "...officials at the Bank of England told German officials
    that allowing them in to the vault
    to perform physical audits of their gold
    just isn’t possible
    because there isn’t enough room,
    or enough "suitable rooms,"
    in which to do it.


    "Klaas Knot, President of the DNB,
    said 90 per cent of the Netherlands' gold reserves
    are kept overseas,
    claiming further that "the gold is fine where it is."
    Much of that figure is placed in vaults in New York City,
    without identifying names of banks or institutions."


    "JP Morgan, one of the bullion banks that acts as a custodian,
    will see 15mt of gold leave its London vaults
    *over an undisclosed period of time*,
    according to the state oil fund of Azerbaijan."


    " the Mexican central bank
    has never inspected the gold it bought, has not performed purity

    tests on it
    and doesn’t even have a list
    of all the gold bars stored in London."

    "Banxico was finally forced to reveal its position in gold.
    When pressed for specifics about its gold holdings
    they answered,
    "it is not possible to specify with certainty
    the number of bars purchased"


    "Poland currently owns around 109 tons of gold deposited abroad.

    Most of the reserves are stored in the UK"

    "a movement to repatriate national gold reserves
    from vaulting ... at the Bank of England in London
    has arisen in Poland."

    "In order to put pressure on the Polish National Bank, advocates

    have launched an action entitled. ‘Give Us Our gold’. "


    "Switzerland is to hold a referendum
    that would ... repatriate gold reserves held abroad
    and keep them at home."

    "Swiss People’s Party’s efforts
    to gain enough signatures
    to force the Swiss National Bank (SNB), ...
    reports, they reached the required 100,000 signature mark"
    "it is not uncommon
    for the period between an initiative being accepted for referendum

    and a vote being held
    to extend to several years."

    But when the Central Bank
    was serious about repatriating their citizen's gold reserves:


    Venezuela demanded the return of its 200 tonnes
    held in London, NYC and Switzerland
    and received it all within about four months.


    Chinese Gold Reserves Increase

    Russian Gold Reserves Increase
  2. Humpy


    I read some time ago that no one has been allowed to check that there is any gold in Fort Knox. People who actually worked at FK have been reported as saying there is no gold there at all. Maybe these are disgruntled ex employees or maybe not.

    Perhaps it would be too much of a shock if the general public found out that it had all gone.

    Why is nobody from the outside allowed in to look ??

    Well you wouldn't let nosey newspapers in if there wasn't any there would you ?


  3. Per Eric Sprott:

    our national gold hoard,
    which is officially reported to be stable at 8,133 tons
    for the last 40 years.

    from 1991-2012 (taking into account mine supply, recycling, imports, etc.)
    the US exported 4,500 more tons of gold than they had taken in

    If this estimate is roughly correct,
    it would mean that 55% of the US gold holdings have been sold into the market
    just since 1991,
    leaving the US with roughly 3,700 tons of gold
  4. They got gold bars at ft. knox - tungsten gold bars lol