gold red. whats the target if this blows over

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  1. 600?
  2. down another 10 since my timely post
  3. My theory is that traders are moving out of gold and going long on the index futures. I think ES/YM/NQ have a lot more potential than Gold at this point. Gold was going down and only got saved by people "safe haven" buying. Gold near 10 year high doesn't seem safe to me. But the indexes at their x year lows seems safe to me.
  4. gold crashing.

    so much for the safety trade

    down 20 $ since my timely post.
  5. Silver back at lows. Ugh.
  6. selling gold, buying canned goods and rifles.
  7. ? can make a similar percentage drop as the S&P-500 for deflationary purposes and all of that B.S. about preservation of purchasing power. :cool:
  8. Daal


    USD and yen continue to be king. I wonder how long this lasts
  9. AK100


    Gold down methinks because everyone is pretty much liquidating everything.

    Plus market markers can't really like buying bids on anything these days :)
  10. Down 50 since my call an hour ago.

    Who your daddy?

    Who da best.

    and for free no less
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