gold record high

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  1. Gold reaches record high during war times. I can see World War III.
  2. Yeah, we all have are beady little eyes on gold spot this morning. :)

    My mining stocks are way up! Already up about 13% and still climbing.
  3. Marketsurfer must be shorting again? :p
  4. LOL, that guy was a perfect contrarian indicator if ever there was one. :D
  5. anti-gold crowd arguments ring empty until the current situation changes.
  6. Lethn


    Not like the anti-gold lot had much of an argument to begin with, they've never explained to my knowledge why we had recessions before the fed and central banks came along.

    We've got those crazy gold for cash adverts popping up all over the place in the UK now too.
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    People like to point this out as an indicator that gold is topping, but if it was a top, shouldn't the ads be targeted towards the public buying gold, rather than selling it?
  8. I wonder if you could argue that there really is a gold standard, whether governments and central banks like it or not.

    I already here people talking about the Beijing put (perhaps it's keeping the pullbacks mild and shallow). It's certainly more welcome than Greenspan, Bernanke or Maobama's puts...
  9. Even if it is a contrary indicator, remember those indicators can show up way before the top. There was a silver & gold for cash craze in the late 70s', too. And there were many contrary indicators for the tech and housing bubbles before they topped.

    Something tells me this is more than a bubble, though...
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