Gold quotes are not matching.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Im getting different quotes from different sources right now even though the market is closed for gold. Some are as low as 1165.50 and others as high as 1168.30 I am short gold right now at 1169.13 but that 3 dollar difference is a huge amount I could be up. and of course my platform is the one quoting 1168.30 Kitco is quoting 1168.20 and Apmex & CNBC is quoting 1165.80 and yahoo is 1165.50

    I've never seen such a difference between quotes before. Feels like someones ripping someone else off on spot gold. (me!) Its a conspiracy. They dont want me to make any money.
  2. Look at that BS...Gold just opened up again and put me in the red at 1169.80 Unbelievable. I wanted to cover at the 1165 price.
  3. The 1165.8 was the days settlement, the last trade (for the 11-24 date) in the electronic market was 1168.6. That is for the December futures... the low prices were quoting the futures settlement.

  4. I still feel cheated somehow....
  5. came down and i got a decent price. I hope i didnt exit too early at 1167. But as we all dont want to short gold for too long just like you dont want to stand on hot coals for very long.