gold priced in euros/where to find?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. anybody know where I can find the price of gold in currencies other than usd?

    the reason I ask is because take eur.usd for instance. If it goes up, is it going up or is the usd going down?

    no matter what you put on, something is going up and something else is going down

    so, instead of trying to guess, I would just like a chart of everything to gold.

    shouldn't be hard to find since most of the world buys their gold using something other than usd.

    like I always say, ask first, google later

    I'll let you know if I find anything

    ok, now here's more what I had in mind

    obviously, when gold is up it's up against everything

    if it's up 1% against usd and 1.15% against eur, all that tells is what eur/usd did for the day, and you already knew that

    but there's probably some information I can use if I stare at it long enough

    anybody have any ideas?
  3. with oanda you can price pretty much any currency vs gold or silver

    On thinkorswim platform you can price anything in gold too. Or any combo

    in the "symbol" put /6e-/gc

    Put up a chart of s$P vs gold, thats good for a laugh.
  4. /es-/gc
  5. yeah, I should have thought first then asked. I have a chart that overlays 4 currencies. I could just ad GC or GLD.

    not sure what good it's going to do me. If you want to short everything the best way is just to get flat all currencies and long gold.