Gold prediction 2010

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    From about a dozen Chief Executive Officer (CEO) medium gold mining companies world recently in an interview by the Business Newswire, all agree that world gold prices will reach new record highs this year. How exactly did no one can predict accurately, but their opinions from these record highs will be in the range of U.S. $ 1.100 / oz s / d U.S. $ 1.500 / oz. The trend of gold price increases by the end of that year they also did not escape the economic tsunami that caused chaos on a global scale investments and the increasing number of investment institutions who need rescue.

    Despite all the CEOs who participated in the interview agreed that gold prices will reach record levels towards the end of this year, there is also reminiscent of the possibility that this increase will go through a significant decline in prices before the summer or mid-May - mid August this year. Decline in gold prices in the summer is usually because the gold price rise / fall in line with the rise and fall of commodity prices, particularly energy. In the summer people require less energy so that global energy prices down, gold also fell. Conversely in winter, more people need good energy to heat the room as well as for food. When energy demand increases, the fuel prices have also risen and followed emaspun price. Because the population of northern-hemisphere capable of much greater than the population of the southern hemisphere, the season that drives the world price of gold is the summer and winter in the northern hemisphere.