Gold....Perhaps Another Bubble....

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  1. The current gold scenario is almost serving as a great example of why technical analysis is such subjective lunacy, and can only work when people've found the appropriate indicator/pattern to model the underlying fundamentals.

    People on ET have been calling for shorting of gold since $830. This guy is no different. True, the asset is bubble-like, but have you ever witnessed such widespread financial chaos across the globe ever before? Where most currencies and indexes are losing ground against gold?

    Even if inflation isn't happening now, it's more or less in the pipe the way that governments are printing dollars.
  2. Certainly appears to be a perfect storm case for gold....

    The problem is everybody knows this....

    Possibly a very crowded trade....
  3. Strongly agree with this. I am a cash-rich investor (I have been saving and been very conservative with my consumption), but I am a minority. Govts all across the globe will happily screw me through inflation to save the majority, who are overleveraged and in pain. I am buying gold, 'cause it might just protect me. I am also desperately seeking a way to increase my leverage.
  4. Load up the boat with GLD 100 calls. All the leverage you need.
  5. You could have saved the speech and simply stated that THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT! :D
  6. AK100


    How anyone can suggest that Gold is in a bubble is beyond me.

    It's up about 5% on the last 365 days of trading.


    Come back if/when it's at $2000+ then maybe it's in a bubble.

    Bubbles everyone take years to form, not a few months of good price action.

    Remember, it's the media job to hype everything these days, is anything not 'history making' or the 'biggest ever' etc.

    Don't get sucked into their stupid games and look at things OBJECTIVLY......
  7. Home come though the gold bugs argue that treasury bonds are a bubble and gold isn't? :cool:
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    Probably because the proletariat has been conditioned to now think that anything that goes up is a bubble.

    Again, Gold is up about 5% on the year and people are screaming that 'it can't go up for ever', 'the crowd are going to get caught out', 'the massive rise in Gold signals something'

    5% over the last 365 days and it hasn't even broken the high of a few years back........
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