Gold only up $20???? pitiful

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  1. If I was long gold I'd be livid
  2. Gold isn't the only odd story here. AUD/USD was negative until recently (and USD/CAD positive until recently). All while EUR/USD is up 184 ticks. Interesting..
  3. Gold mining stocks usually turn around before gold...that's what happened last week.

    As long as gold is moving up and away from the 730-740 area, all is good. If oil rallies (perhaps as China turns back on its industrial machine this month), katie bar the door.

  4. If gold cant move up on this carnage, its heading for the 600's

    This is what gold bugs pray for. So I'd be concerned.
  5. This is clear manip....

    Ah, I can't say it.

    Gold is where it is...
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    Seems like credit contraction, everything is down. Deflation before the inflation very likely.
  7. And what did gold do during the last few panics/bank collapses in January, March and July? It moved up about the same amount in the short-term. And in those instances, it wasn't fighting declining oil prices or a supposed Dollar rally.

    What really matters is if gold eventually moves past 820-825 area again. It doesn't need to make the whole move in a day or two.

  8. I am waiting for these busted banks to show their short gold positions that they cant cover.. i may be waiting awhile

    if long holders would demand physical, then we'd have a market...
  9. i have to believe there is a huge deleveraging going on. esp in commodities. i have been a gold bull for a long time dip - but it is true that to see this muted reaction in gold is disconcerting to say the least.what worse thing could happen short of fdic running out of money (which could be a reality) some panic buying and get the shorts turned upside down in big way...
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    why is there a shortage of gold coins?
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