gold on your front lawn

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  1. zdreg


    if you anticipated a major financial crisis should you accept delivery of gold and silver

    do you believe the exchanges would stay open.
    do you believe if you had gold in the warehouse the warehouse would honor receipts for gold.
    do you believe, the US government would attempt to confiscate all private gold.?
  2. you probably should be more worried about people wanting to steal your gold if you have it in your house.
  3. tomcole


    what would you do with a 100oz bar? slice it up and try to barter it?
  4. zdreg


    we are talking about a financial crisis.
    how about a mix of different size bars all the way down to a 1/8 ounce piece
  5. Buy a couple bags of old silver coins. If a financial crisis similar to the depression occurs, they will be worth 10 X as much instantly and will be readily accepted by most.
  6. If you go to sell the gold or silver in bar form, you will need to have it assayed. Not a simple process.

    If the warehouse goes bk7, good luck getting your stuff back. Ditto for any holding companies. Ditto for derivative products (i.e. GLD).

    Would the government confiscate all monetary gold? Well, look at history. What happened in 1933? Look up executive order number 6102. Don't think it couldn't happen again in a severe crisis followed by a return to the gold standard?

    Gold and silver in the form of jewelry and numismatics were excluded however.

    You may draw your own conclusions.

    (suspecting that this was a rhetorical set of questions asked by zdreg)
  7. Hilti a safe to the basement floor. Buy a FNH 12g shotgun and a H&K Mk23 .45, as well as lots of canned food and water. Analogous to buying puts. :)
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    Gold on my front lawn. Damn and I thought that was dog poop!!!
  9. McDonalds serves up "Golden Nuggets"..I should know thats my day job :)
  10. hmmmm. where is the cbot warehouse located anyway?
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