Gold on Fire Thanks To THIS GUY...

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    I probably should have photoshopped this.
  3. where can I get that bernanke action figure with helicopter?

    Is that a real product?
  4. look at the ad and use common sense :D

  5. lol ehhh, what can we do. All we can do is trade with it and let it fly.
  6. it makes it easier for foreign companies to pay us the bookoo bucks when they do the exchange its like paying a janitor or something in their country.
  7. There have been many warnings on this board that a day of reckoning would come. jim rogers.........ohh what a buffoon. peter schiff and marc faber equally mocked. The worm has turned. Lower federal tax revenue + stimulus to the moon = what Milton Friedman termed a monetary event.
  8. the action man looks like david guest.
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    So many think the crisis is over and that a new, better economy is on the way. Just because stocks are going higher does not represent things are good and that the trillions they are spending to prop the economy up will be around forever. Once stimulus is removed from the system and rates are higher the economy will have many things to worry about, the way to fix an upside down economy is to let it take its own course, the reason why we are in this crisis today is due the fact that nearly every time there is a small drop in the economy they have to run out and prop it up. Where is the free market. Look at housing prices, they are still overvalued, the dollar is collapsing, millions out of work and they are claiming that the economy is going to be running full steam ahead in only another 3 months. The biggest credit crisis in history doesn't disappear in 6 months.
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    Ben has some skills. Copperfield would be proud.
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