Gold Nosedives 20%!! (1980)

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  1. The big gold bubble pops!

  2. chart below.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Chart above.

    What is the freakng point of that chart?:confused:
  5. Daring


    To act knowledgeable.

  6. newwurldmn


    Interesting chart; but I think the markets between then and now are completely different. GLD access product is huge driver of gold price.
  7. He is,nevertheless
  8. Followed in March by Silver Thursday. Notice the firms that no longer exist in that article. Margin calls everywhere, which means stock get dumped to meet margin calls on silver positions.

    Hayden Stone (before shearson) Had to get bailed out in the 70s and it was not done by taxpayers, it was done by NYSE members pooling money together. Several firms in the 70s had to get bailed out internally
    by NYSE members. Unlike today where taxpayers bail them out.**


    ** Ross Perot got scalped by the Duponts :) backoffice was a disaster and his EDS could not rescue the mess. He took a bath on that deal.
  9. I don't follow.... the introduction of the ETF?
  10. people who probably wouldn't buy physical or put on GC, now own GLD
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