Gold news?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by mistadabolina, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Pretty ugly drop intraday, but I can't find any news about it, are ther any?
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    Just dollar strength, persistent Chinese cooling rumors, and scared longs bailing? Silver is worse.
  4. Thanks for the answer.

    The strange is that EUR/USD is hardly moving at all.
  5. In Gold, no point trying to look for news. Here is the news for you: Gold is a nasty beast, it will drop like a rock through support when you think it is your ideal entry.
  6. also a fear that the Asians will sit out today's tres. auction and drive short rates up. dollar up . gold down.
  7. took advantage of otc and comex options expiry this week

    to gun the stops and test the waters below 390 in spot

    how come it always looks so easy after the fact ?

    gosh ..... I guess the open was indeed the high today

    and it was one of those trend down days

    XAU also was weak along with silver