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  1. Sorry mate. A pretty crap article with poor grammar and nothing new. It isn't even really a prediction. Back to the drawing board bro.
  2. There is a prediction in that it might be a good time to purchase gold in a month or two rather than now. As for the grammar. There is a debate as to what 'good grammar' consists of. Prescriptive and descriptive English. There was never meant to be a great insight but just my thoughts on the issue. So that is what you got.

    If you are looking for a stock tip I suggest you need your own opinion rather than fishing around an internet forum.
  3. Not much of a prediction if you ask me. Vague and with no frame of reference.
    The grammar is poor and the punctuation is worse.
    Trust me on this.

    I don't take tips from anyone. Been trading the same way for years with nary a change in my methodology.

    But if you are going to write copy, prepare for criticism.
  4. What do you mean by copy?

    The only thing I think you could of criticised the punctuation for was the comma's. You do know that two comma's is like a bracket? Is that the issue?

    That is really old school grammar. Perhaps I should change my style for foreign readers?
  5. Read this link.

    You understood the article enough to be able to criticise it therefore it communicated its point.

    It says a lot about your opinions on things. You are unmovable from traditional thinking because you are scared that you will be criticised if you do not conform to the norm.

    This is the issue with economics too. So many people have fallen into a rut of one way of thinking that they are not seeing why the economy is starting to deteriorate.

    So perhaps the question you should be asking is not. Why my grammar and punctuation is wrong? But rather why are you questioning why my grammar and punctuation is wrong?

    If you do this I think it will help you in life.
  6. Hilarious.

    You are right.

    Greatest article ever.

    Excellent Grammar and Punctuation.

    There is nothing wrong, old, or worth debating in this excellent piece.

    Let me offer you a job at Bloomberg because this blog is groundbreaking, extraordinary and a true revelation.

    That's what you want to hear, right?


    Seriously, back to the drawing board bud.
  7. I find it difficult to understand your harsh remarks. My blog is getting serious hits now and it has only been going about two weeks. I understand that some of the content is debatable but if you read the remit of the blog that is the point.

    The fact that you can only criticise the grammar and punctuation, which is a topic of debate in itself, says a lot about the content. The only thing that I can think you are complaining about is that the prediction did not give you a more precise date.
  8. pegasys1


    When writing a professional article you don't want to be conversational and use the passive voice. Also, make sure you include the subject of you sentence, in the actual sentence, not just the one before.

    Grammar and technique aside, if you ask people to read something you wrote, that is sortof shitty, then get an honest opinion, a decent one at that, and get upset it makes you look stupid. No one was flaming you at the beginning.

    Anyway, here's my prediction, Buy gold here, Target 5000, stop 990, trailing stop 1000. Time frame 3-7 years.
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