Gold moving higher. Expect more GLD buying on testimony from Bernanke.

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  1. lol a little late there buddy. Not rising so much anymore.
  2. Bernake makes comments bound to drive the bullion price higher then subsequently makes comments bound to drive bullion prices lower.

    Obvious manipulation.

    Too bad we can't check in to Bernanke's Alma Mater's trading on his addresses.
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    The price of gold had already served the words of Bernanke, but now it seems to want to figure out if the Fed is doing a bluff.
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    XAUXAG, a laterality that is going to prepare a new upward leg after the long term break of mid-April.
  6. ==================
    Nice fundamental charts + graphs;
    but all that fundamnental stuff is funny with the price of gold still in a nice uptrend.most trends are still up.

    Bless brother Ben B.That could be bullish -not a prediction:D But Dave Ramsey doesn't like gold[ long term investing], so be careful .....

    Wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:
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    I will however continue to accumulate gold and gold stocks.
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    You do that. Always great to see people who enjoy their hobbies.
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    I'm preventing the effects of an inevitable event now ...
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